Thursday, July 07, 2005

Remove Those Pesky eXeem Advertisments

Shortly after Suprnova folded last year, the Suprnova Team began work on their own P2P client, "eXeem." eXeem was publicly released Januaray 21, 2005 and was heavily criticized for it's in-program adware and spyware. Since it's inital release all of the spyware and all but 2 small advertisments have been removed. The two remaining advertisments can now be removed as well using a small VBScript appropriatley titled "Ad-Nuke" to add the eXeem advertiser's websites to Internet Explorer's RESTRICTED SITES ZONE. Check it out. "Ad-Nuke" can also be downloaded via eXeem ;).
posted by Phatlip12(administrator) at 3:50 PM


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