Saturday, April 16, 2005

PSP Video 9

The Sony PSP truly puts a new meaning to the term "all in one". The PSP acts not only as a portable gaming system but also as a portable media center. For $250.00 you can play your games, watch movies, listen to music, view your pictures and even get online! What’s the catch? Sony only allows you to play your media on a limited media format. All images or video must be a MPEG-4 format and all music must be a ATRAC3 plus or MP3 format. Most of us can deal with the MP3 format; it's the MPEG-4 format that I see problems with. I found this very disappointing until I found some helpful software that allows you to convert your video formats to MPEG-4. It's called PSP Video 9 and the best part about it is it's free! PSP Video 9 allows you to convert your PC video files to MPEg-4. The software also allows you to manage/copy your PSP video files from pc-PSP. With the upcoming release of bigger memory stick sizes this software opens up many new windows to the PSP. PSP Video 9 is great user friendly software that I think that every PSP owner should have. Go out and buy a bigger memory stick and then get this software, this is a must have!
PSP Video 9-Click here to download
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If you’re new to Firefox then you should know that Firefox is a great web browser that puts Internet Explorer to shame. IE is full of security problems that puts you computer at risk, by downloading Firefox you are making your PC more secure. Firefox also comes with a built in pop up blocker as well as many features that IE doesn't offer. Firefox is also constantly coming out with new updates as well as new features which is one of the reasons why it is more secure than IE. Firefox is very user friendly and it is FREE to download.
Click here to download Firefox
How firefox rates with other browsers-Click here to see
Get Firefox!
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